Kepala Bidang Pengelolaan dan Diseminasi Hasil Penelitian di Pusat Penelitian Kimia (LIPI)

Yenny Meliana, born in Curup, 17 October 1976, has an interest in Chemistry. In 1991, Meli, was honored to be the best junior high student in national scale. After she graduate from SMA Negeri 1 Curup, Bengkulu, Meli continued her study to Chemical Engineering at University of Indonesia in 1995. She then obtained her Bachelor degree, Meli further continued her master degree at Organic Chemical Engineering at University of Indonesia in 2001. Her passion in Chemistry has led her to take Advance Diplome in Chemical and Material Engineering at Zheijang University, China, in 2006. In 2012, Meli finished her Doctoral study with the degree Doctor of Philosophy or Ph.D in Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. In 2015, Meli got a training certificate MTCP at sirim, Shah Alam Malaysia in order to complete the requirement of Halal to formulate and produce cosmetics and personal care through MS 2200:2008. Not only expert in English and Mandarin, this woman who is currently working as Head of Management and Dissemination Research Result at Chemical Research Centre (LIPI) also have various achievements. In 2006, she gained the 3rd Fuctional Researcher. In 2015, meli also received MTCP award, INOVASI 107 Indonesia, as well as received Science and Research Grant 2015 from Indonesia Torat Science Foundation. And in 2016, Yenny Meliana was chosen to be one of the winner of L’Oréal For Women in Science. The research title of For Women in Science 2016: Nanocrystal and Nanodispersion Studies of Artemisinin, Raw Material for Anti Malaria Medicine.