Sekolah Ilmu dan Teknologi Hayati Institut Teknologi Bandung

Azzania Fibriani is not only a researcher but also a lecturer at Institut Bandung Institute of Technology. Graduated from Biology Major at Bandung Institute of Technology in 2002 until she got her master degree in Biotechnology at Bandung Institute of Technology. In 2006, Azzania got her second master degree in Biological Science at Tokyo Institute of Technology. In 2007-2011, Azzania had worked as a researcher at Integrated Management for the Prevention and Control and Treatment of HIV / AIDS at the University of Padjadjaran. In 2014, Azzania finished her doctoral studies in Molecular Biology with Ph.D degree at Universitas Erasmus, Rotterdam, Netherland. Aside from being one of the winner of L’Oréal Fellowship Women in Science 2016, Azzania also had several international achievement such as scholarship and student exchange to Japan Institute of Technology (2000-2001), Scholarship of Monbukagakusho at Japan Institute of Technology (2004), Japan International Presidential Scholarship (2009) and Erasmus University, the Netherlands; LPDP International Publication Award (2016) The research title for the For Women in Science 2016: Development of high throughput system to select the candidate of the new medicine for anti HIV